Dustin Myers was born and raised in Southern California, and has been following his passion for painting for his entire life. He has been drawing and painting since he was a boy and spent a lot of time at his family’s auto body shop where he developed an appreciation for color and paint. He spends most of his time painting, and the rest of the time he enjoys teaching and cooking. His paintings blend his many interests which include mythology, philosophy,and religion. All his paintings are produced using oil paint with a layering technique.

14 15 17 The Hive Setup Rothick Circus Show 01   rooo 11 06 04 Rothick October 2011     07 02 tumblr_miqfaprdel1s6iqwmo1_1280     1044226_10201480609163380_1675525829_n   1391591_10151815005975777_1273101621_n   550824_505967179431049_986014882_n     Monster_Mash_Winners     Rothick Circus Show     25726_1419320048775_1405861401_1162761_738827_n     3rd eye

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